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Monday, February 5, 2007

Cat training books are a necessity for cat owners

Cats are wonderful animals! It is remarkable how well these animals have adapted to domesticity. It has been estimated that they have been living in close contact with human beings for approximately 3,500 years.

Not only are they good for pets, but they are also very useful to humans. The ancient Egyptians took care of them to get rid of the mice in their homes.

No wonder there have been hundreds and hundreds of books written that are devoted to the subject of these animals. Most of these books have to do with cat training.

Since cats are predatory creatures by instinct; they still exhibit some behaviors that are best suited in the wilderness. This sometimes becomes a problem for people who have cats living in their households .

That is why there are a lot of training books that have been written to address various issues concerning cat training.

Different types of training books

There are various different types of training books that are available in the market. Some deal with the issue of cats' health and their behavior.

Some are reference books written by veterinarians. They offer insights and tips on how to properly take care of cats. These types of books can be used as a resource by owners when training their cats.

While other cat training books are categorized according to breed, some give those readers who are seeking to gain more knowledge on a specific breed of cats more extensive, and helpful information.

Where to get these books

These books can be purchased in local bookstores. They can even be borrowed in libraries. But the most convenient place to get them would be online. There's a wide range of cat training books to choose from in the internet.

Rates and reviews of these books are also available. This gives the buyer some insight about the book, helping them decide and pick out exactly the type of cat training book they are looking for.

Who buys these books?

Books on how to train cats are perfect for first time cat owners. These books will offer them the much needed information they need in order to take care of their cats.

A lot of cat lovers also have a collection of cat books. Ranging in topics from: breed books, photography, fiction, cat care, training, nutrition, etc.

Cat training books are a perfect companion for any cat owner. Every cat owner should at least have one on their book shelf.

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Friday, February 2, 2007

Tips on Choosing a Toilet Training Kit for Cats

One major problem encountered by pet owners of cats is the litter. Cats litter everywhere especially when they are not trained to litter in the proper places. It is recommended that cats be trained to litter in proper places to avoid dirt and unwanted smell inside the household.

There are many toilet training kits that are especially made for cats and are sold in the market. However, there are things that need to be considered when choosing the best toilet training kit for the cat.

1. First, the owner needs to consider the curiosity level of the cat. If the cat is not much interested in discovering things then toilet training kits may not be that effective for them. Different toilet training kits sold in the market should also be considered.

2. There are kits that have basic tasks that may be applicable for kittens while there are some kits that are too complicated for other cats. Therefore, it is important to really assess if the cat will be able to be trained using the toilet training kits.

3. There are many other alternatives that can be used in place of a training kit. Owners can just improvise rather than buying commercially made ones. Aside from saving more money, it can also give the benefit of making a litter box and training the cat based on the cat's capability the way the owner sees it.

4. Toilet training kits for cats that are sold in the market have different prices. T hey may vary depending on the needs of a certain cat. It is still best to have enough information before choosing on a certain kit. Researching and asking questions from those who have tried the product is also recommended.

5. Some toilet training kits also offer various tips on how to make the training easier for pet owner. Others may also include tricks that pet owners can make use of. The kits will include everything the owner may need in training a cat to use the toilet or a cat litter box.

Although there are many kits that are sold in the market, the effectiveness of the kit is not mainly dependent on the kit itself but also on how the pet owners use it Since toilet training kits require gradual steps, patience and consistency of trainers are needed to become effective. If pet owners are dedicated to train their cats, then in just a few weeks, the cats will be able to litter in the proper places.

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Finding the Right Litter Box for the Cat

Before bringing home a cat for a pet, one should do some research on what items are needed to make this feline friend of yours feel comfortable indoors.

Since such pets are not yet toilet trained, it is important to get a litter box to train the cat on where to go when nature calls. Doing this will save the person time and effort cleaning up the waste the creature has left in various places of oneĆ­s home.

To make this happen, choosing the right litter box for the cat is important. This depends on the size of the cat and if the pet finds it spacious inside. Since the litter box is the toilet for the pet, this should be easily accessible both for going in and out of the box.

One can buy a litter box that can easily be cleaned from time to time. This can be found in the internet or at the local pet store that will cost twenty-five dollars and above. The price depends on the kind of material that is used in making the box- whether it is plastic or another kind of non-absorbent material.

If the person is too lazy to clean it, there is an electronic version that will cost more than a hundred dollars. Should the person decide not to buy either of the two and would prefer to use a disposable kind, one can use a soda box which should also be changed.

The litter box must have fillers making it easy for the person to clean. This is needed to prevent odors from staying inside the box that can produce bacteria causing the cat to get sick.

In order for the cat to have some privacy, it is best to choose a litter box that can have a cover on top. This will make it warm and comfortable for the cat when it is time to go to the toilet.

There are many types of litter boxes available from the small versions for the kittens to the big ones for the full grown cats. With the many types of fillers available, one should choose the best that will be comfortable for the pet.

Should the person have a hard time choosing the right litter box, one can ask the sales person in the pet store or ask people who have cats for advice.

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Training Different Breeds of Cats

There are many cat breeds available and one should do some research on the behavior of each kind before getting any as a pet. Cats in general are not like dogs who want to please the owner. W hen this creature wants to perform a trick or something, it is because the animal finds it amusing and will continue to do so as long as it is having fun.

The best way to start training a cat is getting it associated with a certain sound. When the animal responds immediately to it, the signal could mean it is time to eat or to go to the owner when the pet is being called.

The owner should call out the name of the cat first then make the distinctive sound. Since this may take some time to practice, this should be done quite often and reinforced with some kind of reward to make the animal know what will happen when hearing it.

One good way of training the cat is with constant observation. This works well when training the cat to sharpen its claws on the scratching pad and not on the furniture. The owner should gently pick up the animal, bring it to the scratching post then hold the pet by the paws and start the action.

Since not all cats are toilet trained, one will have to watch over the cat. When it is time for the cat to go, the person should carry the cat to the litter box for the "deed" to be done there.

Should the cat dump its waste before reaching the litter box or when the owner suddenly finds some in the house, this should be picked up and placed in the box. Afterwards, the cat should be placed in that box to make it get used with the smell, which will help the cat learn where to go should it happen again. When this happens, the cat should be rewarded with a little treat.

Cats, regardless of breed, can be trained to do tricks. Though some do not perform the tricks in the presence of strangers or other people, it does not mean the creature has forgotten the trick. It just means it is not comfortable in the presence of other people.

Cats can also be trained to be responsible enough to go to the proper place whenever nature calls.

For all of this to happen, it just takes some time and patience for the owner to train and reward the pet for its efforts.

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Cats in True Collars

A true-blue cat aficionado wants the best for his cat...the best cat beds, cat cages, cat bowls, cat condos and yes, cat collars! What makes a good collar? These articles enlighten every cat owner on what collar or harness is appropriate for your beloved pet. Here are some of them:

1. 2 in 1 Reflecting Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

What can be more reliable than a 2 in 1 collar? Its effectiveness lasts up to five months and it can protect any cat from fleas, ticks and other nasty insects. With its Reflective Material technology courtesy of 3M Scotchlite, the "reflective strip" works like wonders. All the owner has to do is stretch the collar and put it on the pet so the killing action begins.

Manufactured by Hartz, this collar is available for $6.

2. Elizabethan Collar or Clear Custom Collar

Famous for being lightweight and dependable, this collar can fit around the neck of any animal. This is very ideal for cats as it can be applied easily, thanks to its Hook and Loop Fastener from Scotchmate.

3. Break-A-Way Safety Cat Collar

Any cat lover who goes ga-ga over colors, this one fits the bill. Not only is it fashionable, it also guarantees safety of the cat. Very adjustable and light at half a pound, one can never go wrong with Break-A-Way Safety Cat Collar.

4. One Earth Herbal Dog Collar

The name says "dog" collar but it is also perfect for cats. Containing oil extracts like citronella, lemon grass and eucalyptus, this makes the cat more fragrant than ever! It repels fleas and keeps the pet cat clean. How can one go wrong with that?

5. FleaTrol Breakaway Cat Collar by Zodiac

How does it stand out among all the cat collars available in the market? It has adulticides like Precor IGR that can crush fleas and ticks in an instant. Its one-of-a-kind design lessens the choking risk, so the owner is assured of the pet's safety. It is even waterproof, too!

6. Kong E-collar

This e-collar is very sturdy and light with a padded neckline that guarantees safety and comfort. This e-collar is available in five sizes, with the smallest measuring 6 to 7.5 large diameter by 4.5 and the largest from 16 to 20 large diameter.

So every cat lover has a reason to rejoice for all these collars available. Any of the aforementioned choices efficiently works like magic.

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How to Choose the Best Cat Training Supplies

Choosing the supplies needed for training a cat need not be expensive. What is important is to know the supplies that are really needed for training and are found to be the most effective. Choosing the cat training supplies needed is never complicated. The only thing that needs to be considered is to determine what the cat owner would like to improve in the behavior of the cat.

Here are the most important supplies needed for training:

1. Litter Box

A litter box is very important in training a cat especially if the cat will be trained to litter in a proper place. When choosing a litter box, the size of the box and the sides should be considered. The cat should be able to jump to it easily, which is why enough space is needed. Cats scratch when littering. The sides should have some height so that the litter will not be scattered when the cat scratches.

2. A Scratching Post

Cats love to scratch. Much of the time they scratch anywhere they like. They scratch on the walls, couches and even on other furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to have a post where a cat can scratch. A scratching post can be bought commercially or the owner can improvise.

When making an improvised scratch post, the post should be sturdy enough. It should not tip over once the cat touches it. It can be covered with a rough mat or the other side of a carpet. However, it is not recommended to use the same coverings used for the couches or furniture otherwise, the cat will do the same to them.

3. Bed for the Cat

A bed should be also be prepared for a cat especially if the cat is be trained not to sleep anywhere he wishes. A bed should be specially made for the cat. The trainer or cat owner can improvise a bed that is made of a soft pillow. It should be inviting and appealing to the cat. Cats love to sleep in warm places. That is why it is important that the bed should provide enough warmth for the cat. A scent can also be added to the bed, which is more appealing to cats.

4. Yarn or Balls as Toys

When teaching a cat some tricks. The best tools are the yarns and balls. Cats love to play with things that are light and moving. There are toys that are specially made for cats but yarns and small balls are the cheapest yet most effective.

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

How to Correct a Cat in Cat Training

Punishing is the hardest part in training a pet especially with cat. There are many ways a trainer can punish the cat. It can be through words, actions or something physical. However, there are things that need to be considered when punishing a cat during cat training.

1. Find the perfect time. There is a perfect time a cat should be punished during training. A punishment will only be effective if delivered immediately after the cat has done something that is not desirable.

If the cat is punished later after the misbehavior, it will not be able to associate the punishment with the misbehavior. Cats do not understand the same way people do. That is why it is important to associate the undesired action to communication of the punishment.

2. Punishment does not mean that the trainer has to hurt the cat. Cats are just animals and do not have a sense of what is right or wrong. Punishing a cat by inflicting pain in their body is not right.

Aside from the fact that inflicting physical pain is against Animal Rights, the cat will only be provoked and might fight back. It may only cause the trainer to be bitten by the cat. This will also result in making the cat become violent which may be very dangerous to kids and other people who may come close to it.

3. Other alternatives may also be used in correcting a cat. One effective way is the reward and recognition method. In the rewards and recognition, the cat is reinforced to continue a likable behavior because a reward is associated to it.

Rewards can be in the form of praises, petting, food or toys. If a cat did something good that it was taught to do, the cat may be given rewards like food, a yarn toy, or a hug. The trainer can immediately remove the rewards if something undesirable is done. The cat will then learn that the treats will be removed if the undesirable action is made again.

Training a cat, like any other pets, requires patience and understanding in order to be effective. Results may not be fast, but if one is consistent in training, results will be a lot faster. Cats are the sweetest pets one could have and it is only fair that they be treated the same.

By Anita Hampton

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