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Monday, December 18, 2006

Are You Allergic To Your Cat?

Although it is possible to contract some diseases from your cat, it’s not likely to happen. You are much more likely to contract a disease from another person than you are from your cat. You can minimize your risks further by practicing good hygiene and common sense.
Allergies, however, are another story. Some people are allergic to cat fur, others to the protein in a cat’s saliva. The degree of each person’s allergy can vary. In general, shorthairs are better for people who seem to have a sensitivity toward cats. Here are some tips for minimizing your allergic reaction to your cat.
As dander is often the cause of many allergic reactions, groom and brush your cat outside as often as possible. This will keep much of the hair and dander out of your house. Many cat owners experience some relief when they bathe their cats regularly. Clean and vacuum frequently so the cat hair is kept to a minimum. Try an air filter. Keep your cat out of your bedroom. If you develop severe reactions to your cat, consult an allergist.

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