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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Q My cat seems to have dandruff - how do I treat it?

A There are two main reasons for cat dandruff - poor grooming and a lack of vitamin E in the diet.

If your cat has bad dandruff all over, it is more likely to be a diet deficiency. A good high quality supplement added to your cats food will help. Cats are sensitive to change and will notice vegetable oil, however the cat supplements are odourless and tasteless and your cat should not notice. The supplements can also be purchased in tablet form - however unless you are very good at giving this type of medication to your cat, get someone to help you (for some light relief check out 'Cat Anecdotes' on my 'Cat Stuff' page.

If you feed your cat tinned food, you may need to change it - your vet can provide very good cat food which is full of nutrients and vitamins.

If your cat has localised dandruff (mainly found along their back), it may not necessarily be a diet problem, but a grooming one. Cats cannot reach their backs to clean themselves and dandruff (which is just dead skin cells) can gather (this can also happen if your cat is overweight). Groom your cat regularly with a small fine toothed comb. If the problem persists you may need to bathe your cat, in a mild formulated cat shampoo, however this should be a last resort, as bathing cats can strip their skin of other oils
and necessary substances.

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