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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Training Cats at Home

Most people love animals and it is the preference of the person which type of pet is ideal his or her own home. This could be a fish that is in an aquarium that has to be fed and the tank cleaned at least once a week, a dog that has to be fed and walked and bathed or even something as furry and cute as a cat.

Cats are one of the cleanest animals around since by nature, they have the ability to clean themselves without any assistance. Even if that is the case, it does not prevent these pets from soiling the apartment or the house so the cat has to be trained through the use of a litter box.

Choosing the right litter box for the cat will really depend on the size of the cat that is inside oneĆ­s home. The box has to be big enough for the cat to move around in and easily accessible for it to go inside.

This begins by making observations of the pet at home. When the cat begins to move in a strange manner, then it is time to pick it up and rush it to the litter box. Some people have already had the experience of not making it in time which will mean cleaning up the trail of what the pet left behind.

Another unfortunate instance is coming home and finding waste. The best way to train the cat when this happens is picking up the waste and putting it in the box. Then one should pick up the cat and let it stay there for some time which will help the animal realize what to do the next time when there is an urge.

The interior of the box should have some form of filler that will make the place comfortable for the cat. A person can use some old newspapers or old rags. And if this does not work, then one can ask the advice of neighbors who may have some experience with cats at home.

If the house is quite large, it is advisable to provide more than one litter box to make it easily available for the cat. Since the waste of the cat smells just like that of other animals, one should get rid of it immediately and replace the litter so that the odor does not penetrate the entire home.

Cats, just like any other animals, will require some form of maintenance. Training the cat to use a litter box might take more than a day but in the long term, it will keep the house clean of waste lying around.

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